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"Well, that just DILLS my PICKLE!"
Find like minded wholesome individuals with similar interests and hobbies, why wait?
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Whether it's talking about Football, Tractor Pulls, Baking Pie or finding the best Golf Course, Southern Connections is the place.

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According to a global survey, about 33 percent of adults experienced feelings of loneliness worldwide. Find a place where you BELONG and are accepted for who you are.

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Celebrating the South is all about sharing - it could be an article you just read, or a recipe that has been in your family for generations, or a blog you just wrote. With the amount of content we can share, we can guarantee that you can get your daily fix of "all things Southern" at Southern Connections. And we encourage you to write a blog - it doesn't have to be particularly Southern, you can just write about your life. Who knows - you might be the next great Southern author. Also, we ask that you invite your friends to join Southern Connections. More members mean more great Southern content to share, and more chances to make new friends. Perhaps we can show the world that there are millions of us who are, in the words of Lewis Grizzard, "American by birth, and Southern by the grace of God".